30 Jan 2019 15:16

Moscow closely following campaign in Ukraine - Karasin

YEREVAN. Jan 30 (Interfax) - Russia is closely following the presidential campaign in Ukraine, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said.

"We are closely following the electoral campaign. Unfortunately, Mr. Poroshenko [Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko] isn't making us happy with sensible initiatives. The latest bills that have been passed in Ukraine at his behest involve infringement on the rights of ethnic minorities - this includes the laws on education and on the official language, and this includes absolutely reckless interference by the authorities, represented by Mr. Poroshenko, in church affairs. This can hardly inspire optimism. Nevertheless, we will be closely following the situation and expect common sense to prevail in the end," Karasin told journalists in Yerevan on Wednesday.