31 Jan 2019 14:57

Nearly 3/4 of Ukrainians plan to vote for president - poll

KYIV. Dec 31 (Interfax) - Seventy-four percent of Ukrainians polled by the Rating Group in December 2018 for the Center for Analysis and Sociological Research of the International Republican Institute (IRI) say they will vote in the upcoming presidential election, IRI said.

"A total of 74% of respondents said they will vote, including 32% who will definitely do so and 42% who are likely to vote," IRI said.

Interest in the election is strongest in Western and Central Ukraine and weakest in Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Only 26% of young respondents said they would definitely vote, compared to 37% of respondents older than 51.

According to the director of IRI's Eurasia Division, Stephen Nix, the current numbers indicate that it is likely that no candidate will gain the 50% of votes required to win the election in the first round.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents said the end of war in Donbas is a key factor in their choice of candidate; 16% highlighted the suppression of corruption, 11% the improvement of the economy, and 10% the problem of public utility fees. The war in Donbas was the main criterion in all age groups, while anti-corruption measures and public utility fees were more important for middle-aged and senior Ukrainians.

Rating polled 2,400 Ukrainians on December 13-27, 2018.