4 Feb 2019 09:24

Ground-launched Kalibr cruise missile might have range of 2,600 km - media

MOSCOW. Feb 4 (Interfax-AVN) - Russia's symmetric response to the United States' decision to begin its withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is easy to give from the technical point of view, the newspaper Kommersant said citing high-ranking government officials.

"The sea-launched Kalibr-NK missile will have a range of 2,600 kilometers if it is remodeled into ground-launched one," Kommersant said.

"The intermediate-range ground-launched hypersonic missile will be created on the basis of the 3M22 Tsirkon product of NPO Mashinostroyenia," the newspaper said citing a source in the defense industry.

The United States announced the suspension of the INF Treaty, and Russia acted likewise.

President Vladimir Putin pledged a symmetric response to the United States' withdrawal from the INF Treaty on February 2; he said that Moscow would also suspend the fulfillment of its obligations under the Treaty and would start R&D of new types of missiles.