7 Feb 2019 16:19

London doesn't want to restore good relations with Moscow - Russian ambassador

MOSCOW. Feb 7 (Interfax) - London is not really interested in improving relations, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko said.

"And we do not see that the British side is genuinely interested in rectifying the situation. For instance, there are no concrete steps aimed at restoring conditions for the normal functioning of the Russian embassy, which (like the British embassy in Moscow) has been working for about a year with reduced personnel," he said in an interview with the newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

"The British side is to blame for the fact that we cannot set up a normal rotation of personnel with all that follows from it for the effectiveness of both diplomatic and consular work. Our proposals aimed at changing the British side's position go unanswered. I believe that this simple issue is a litmus test of the British side's plans regarding the future condition of our relations," Yakovenko said.