11 Feb 2019 18:09

Russia interested in stable Kazakhstan - ambassador

ASTANA. Feb 11 (Interfax) - It is in Russia's interests that Kazakhstan should remain a politically stable state with good protection from external aggression, Russian Ambassador Alexei Borodavkin said.

"We want Kazakhstan to be able to ensure its defense capability, especially in today's unstable situation, together with us, together with other allies in the CSTO. Kazakhstan probably wants to see Russia that way too: politically stable, economically developing, capable of defending its defense capability," Borodavkin said at a meeting on Kazakh-Russian relations in Astana on Monday.

"Especially in today's conditions, which are becoming increasingly real, both in terms of international terrorism and in terms of attempts to interfere in the affairs of independent states, Syria and Venezuela, and of you look back, the list is so long that one page is not enough," the Russian diplomat said.

Russia wants to see Kazakhstan economically stable, too, he said.

"Why do we need an unstable a state near us? Political stability is based on the economics. And we would like Kazakhstan to be stable in terms of economic growth, development, we went the wellbeing of its people to increase so that all industries develop," Borodavkin said.