14 Feb 2019 13:10

Russia can mitigate effects of new U.S. sanctions if imposed - Duma's Slutsky

MOSCOW. Feb 14 (Interfax) - Chairman of the Russian State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky has said he believes that Russia can counteract new U.S. sanctions if they are imposed.

"American senators have submitted the updated bill, which was earlier dubbed the 'sanctions bill from hell' against Russia. The motives behind it are completely far-fetched and unsubstantiated," Slutsky told reporters on Thursday.

There are no grounds whatsoever for new restrictive measures, he said.

"Yet again, it's a case of sanctions for the sake of sanctions," he said.

"As for hypothetical consequences [for Russia], the relevant agencies are currently analyzing them. No panicked forecasts have been heard so far," Slutsky said.

Washington continues "to behave as the world's gendarme, who has chosen the rod of discipline in relations with other countries," he said.

"Trampling upon the norms of international law, blatantly and impudently interfering in other countries' internal affairs, sponsoring coups, and recognizing self-proclaimed puppet presidents, like in Venezuela, the U.S. still thinks that it is entitled to accuse other countries of undemocratic conduct," he said.

It was reported on Wednesday that a group of U.S. senators had introduced a bill proposing further sanctions against Russia in response to Russian interference in democratic institutions abroad, and events related to the Ukrainian crisis.