15 Feb 2019 11:43

Detsky Mir opens first store in Belarus

MOSCOW. Feb 15 (Interfax) - Detsky Mir , Russia's largest children's goods retailer has opened its first store in Belarus.

The 1,690-square-meter Detmir store, which is the brand under which the company will develop its chain in Belarus, has begun operating in Minsk, the company said in a press release.

"We plan to increase the share of Belarusian goods on the stores' shelves. Our goal is to reach the maximum possible in each product category," Detmir chain executive director Andrei Belik was quoted as saying.

Detsky Mir has been working with Belarusian manufacturers since 2013. In Russia, the share of Belarusian products in the baby food category is 35%. There is also strong demand for Belarusian toys, sporting goods, outdoor goods and clothing, such as school uniforms and hosiery. Sales of Belarusian goods at Detsky Mir stores in Russia exceeded 400 million rubles in 2018.

The retailer's long-term goal is to win a 20% share of the children's goods market in Belarus, which is estimated at 40 billion rubles, Detsky Mir said in a presentation earlier. The company's competitive advantages for expansion in the country include its brand recognition in the CIS, aggressive price positioning, an efficient business model that assumes an IRR above 40% and supply chain.