18 Feb 2019 17:07

Yanukovych treason conviction appealed in Kyiv court

KYIV. Feb 18 (Interfax) - Public defender Yuriy Ryabovil has filed an appeal against the treason conviction of Ukraine's ex-president Viktor Yanukovych at Obolonskyi district court in Kyiv.

"The conviction of the accused Yanukovych was appealed by Yuriy Riabovil, a defender from the Center for the provision of secondary free legal aid, today, February 18," the court's spokeswoman Inna Svinarenko told Interfax on Monday.

Lawyers Oleksandr Horoshynskyi, Oleksandr Baidik and others from law firm Aver Lex, who attended the trial, have not yet filed an appeal but may do so until February 25 inclusively, she said.

The case will be sent to the Kyiv court of appeal after the expiration of the 30-day period for appeal by all parties involved in the case, she said.

"The defender, Riabovil's, appeal will be attached to the case but it will not be sent to the court of appeal before the expiration of the entire period, because other appeals may be filed as well. That is, it won't be sent to court tomorrow," Svinarenko said.

On January 24, 2019, the Obolonskyi District Court of Kyiv sentenced Yanukovych to 13 years of imprisonment after finding him guilty of treason and abetting Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine. The court simultaneously found him not guilty of abetting encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, resulting in deaths or other grave consequences.

The case was heard in Yanukovych's absence because he is currently in Russia.

The defense team vowed to appeal the conviction.