22 Feb 2019 18:06

Belarusian military developed plan for Venezuela's defense - Lukashenko

MINSK. Feb 22 (Interfax) - Belarus developed a defense plan for Venezuela and the country's former president Hugo Chavez came to Minsk to discuss military issues, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said.

"They bought various air defense systems, planes, etc., but they don't have such school, such military. We created a system for them and we installed in that system the weapons purchased, and they had to buy what they didn't have. We told them everything," Lukashenko was quoted by his press service as saying at a meeting with the cadets and faculty of the Military Academy on Friday.

"A lot of mistakes were made in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was a friend of mine and I told him about some mistakes. He often consulted, including about military issues, he visited us," Lukashenko said. He said the previous leader of Venezuela had asked Belarus to help with army reorganization.

A group of Belarusian scientists and military specialists was sent to Venezuela to work on a plan to defend the country," Lukashenko said.

Lukashenko said he believes the Venezuelan authorities "were wrong on the economic sphere." "They are sitting on oil, natural gas and they don't use them. Chavez passed away, the oil price went down, problems began," the president said.

He believes that, if outside interference threatens Venezuela now, the people will mobilize despite the difficult situation in the country. "But one still needs to work on the economy. It's the foundation of stability," Lukashenko said.