22 Feb 2019 18:32

Roscosmos to get situation center

MOSCOW. Feb 22 (Interfax) - Roscosmos will have its first situation center after the project to create a national space center in western Moscow is implemented, Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin said.

"What facilities are expected to be created in the National Space Center: the head office of the state corporation Roscosmos and offices of the industry enterprises, a situation center, which we still don't have," Rogozin said at a presentation of the comprehensive plan to create the National Space Center and develop the Moscow site of the Khrunichev Center.

He also said the new building will have a "double" of the Korolyov-based Mission Control Center, which will receive the same information as the Mission Control.

"That doesn't mean we are transferring the Mission Control from Korolyov, but will be a 'double' of the Korolyov Mission Control. It is especially important for making decisions on the development of new scientific programs and the lunar program, outer space exploration. It's a mission control for prospective programs, including manned ones," Rogozin said.