4 Mar 2019 19:16

Medium-term Eurobonds up slightly, others stable in absence of strong signals from world markets

MOSCOW. March 4 (Interfax) - Prices for medium-term Russian Eurobonds are rising slightly and smoothly on Monday, while other bonds are showing mixed dynamics amid a lack of strong signals from world capital markets.

U.S. Treasuries, meanwhile, are stable in price, leading to a certain narrowing of the spread between the two benchmark issues in the medium-term segment and insignificant changes for other bonds.

Russia's benchmark 2030 bonds rose 5 basis points from previous closing by 6:15 p.m. Moscow time to 111.88% with yield at 3.71% per annum, down 2 bps. Three-year U.S. Treasuries were down 1 bp from previous closing at 98.64%, with yield up 0.5 bps at 2.525%. Spread between Russia-30 and UST3 narrowed 2.5 bps to 118.5 bps.

Russia's 2043 bond was up 12 bps at 111.26% yielding 5.07%, down 0.5 bps; the 2042 bond was up 7 bps at 107.52%, also yielding 5.07%, down 0.5 bps; the 2026 bond was up 17 bps at 101.69% with yield down 3 bps to 4.47%; and the 2023 bond grew 24 bps in price to 103.72% yielding 3.97%, down 6 bps.

The new 30-year 2047 bond was up 6 bps to 98.67% with yield down 0.5 bps to 5.34%; and the new ten-year 2027 bond was up 17 bps to 98.24% with yield down 2.5 bps to 4.505%.