6 Mar 2019 17:51

Luxembourg PM willing to be mediator in Russia-West dialogue

LUXEMBOURG. March 6 (Interfax) - Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has spoken in favor of a dialogue between the West and Russia and promised to raise this subject during meetings with European and U.S. leaders.

"I am for dialogue [...]. It is important to have good human contacts between counterparts [...]. When we don't talk to each other very often, when we communicate through the veil of the press, sanctions and countersanctions, we come to such a dialogue between countries as it is today. It is a great pity that this is what it has become," Bettel said at a news conference following the talks that he and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had in Luxembourg on Wednesday.

Bettel also thanked Medvedev for offering him the role of mediator in a dialogue between the West and Russia.

"Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for what you said that I could assume that role. Importantly, I need dialogue partners that are ready to listen to this. Thank you for saying that you are prepared for this dialogue, because it should be communicated to everyone, the fact that there is a desire to start a dialogue; this is the first step," Bettel said.

"I will take up this mission during meetings with European colleagues, I will talk to the U.S. president about this when meeting with him, as I believe that dialogue and exchange of opinions is the only way to find a way out," he said.

Bettel noted that he had built "very good relationships" with Russian President Vladimir Putin and also with U.S. leader Donald Trump and his European counterparts.

"Dialogue, an exchange of views, the mere fact that people listen to each other and the pragmatic approach is the only way out of this situation. But one needs a partner to pursue a dialogue and this is why it is important to tell all possible partners that we have every chance to clarify the situation in international relations, and that we have good will to organize dialogue," he said.