7 Mar 2019 18:23

Admiral Gorshkov frigate about to finish passing through English Channel

MOSCOW. March 7 (Interfax) - The most advanced frigate of Russia's Northern Fleet (NF), the Admiral Gorshkov, has passed the narrowest part of the English Channel with Kalibr cruise missiles on board and is set to enter the Atlantic, the NF's press service told Interfax on Thursday.

The frigate is being accompanied by three Russian support vessels.

The British Royal Navy said that its destroyer HMS Defender is tracking the movements of the Russian naval group.

"Tomorrow, the detachment will finalize passing the English Channel and exit to the Atlantic Ocean," the NF said.

Early on Thursday, the Russian naval group passed through Straits of Dover, the narrowest part of the English Channel, it said.

Apart from the Admiral Gorshkov, the group includes the Elbrus, a multifunctional support vessel, the Nikolai Chiker, a rescue tug, and the intermediate marine tanker Kama.

"The detachment was sailing in column. The frigate led, and the support vessels followed her. The recue tug Nikolai Chiker closed down the column. During the passage, the crews of the ships and vessels practiced coordinated maneuvering amidst heavy ship traffic," it said.

The British Royal Navy said on Wednesday that HMS Defender was sent to accompany the Russian ships and vessels.