11 Mar 2019 16:58

Russia not planning to increase its military personnel, get involved in arms race - Shamanov

MOSCOW. March 11 (Interfax) - Russia is not planning to increase its Armed Forces personnel, State Duma Defense Committee head Vladimir Shamanov said.

"Russia is not planning to increase its Armed Forces personnel and does not intend to get involved in a costly arms race," Shamanov said at a news briefing for foreign military attaches on Monday.

Russia took some planned measures in 2018 "to increase combat capability of its Armed Forces," he said.

Also, Russia "continued successfully implementing a set of essential countermeasures to ensure its military security last year," he said.

"Our primary efforts were focused on maintaining a high level of combat readiness for the strategic nuclear and non-nuclear forces, building up the layered aerospace defense system, and improving the training of troops and command systems," Shamanov said.

"Our strategic weapons are being developed in strict accordance with our international obligations and the Russian-U.S. Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty," he said.