11 Mar 2019 17:20

Russian AgMin draws up new draft food security doctrine

MOSCOW. March 11 (Interfax) - The Russian Agriculture Ministry has drawn up a draft new food security doctrine for Russia, the ministry's press service said in a statement.

The draft's principal innovation is an altered methodology for calculating food security indicators. It proposes that food security be calculated based on the self-sufficiency indicator rather than based on the specific weight of domestic production relative to the overall volume of the domestic market.

This reflects the degree to which the demands of the domestic market are being met via domestic production and when exceeding 100%, demonstrates the export potential of certain types of agricultural feedstock and foodstuffs.

"Furthermore, indicators are being introduced which characterize the economic and physical availability of foodstuffs for the population," the statement said. "The economic availability indicator reflects the public's opportunity to purchase a certain range of foodstuffs at established prices in sufficient amounts within established consumption norms. Physical availability indicates the sufficient provision of the public with retail trade facilities," it said.

The proposals of the scientific community and relevant federal executive bodies were taken into account in preparing the draft strategy. The draft was agreed upon with the relevant ministries, the justice ministry, and has been submitted to the Russian government. Its development was prompted by, among other factors, the emergence of new risks and threats to food security associated with economic sanctions, Russia's accession to the WTO and enhanced integration processes within the EAEU, the press service said.

After the draft is agreed upon with the Russian Security Council and the presidential administration, the document will be approved.