14 Mar 2019 14:31

Black Sea frigate Admiral Makarov repels drilled rocket strike in exercise

MOSCOW. March 14 (Interfax) - The frigate Admiral Makarov, which has returned from the Mediterranean to Sevastopol, has repelled a drilled cruise missile strike in an exercise on the Russian Black Sea Fleet base, he fleet press service said on Thursday.

"According to the exercise script, the hypothetical enemy's aviation launched cruise missiles near the permanent location of the ships in the Sevastopol port," the Black Sea Fleet press service said.

The Admiral Makarov air defense crews conducted an exercise to practice repelling an air attack by a ship located in its base, the military said.

"During the exercise, the crews of the combat information posts detected and identified simulated targets, while the air defense crews successfully destroyed hypothetical air targets by electronic launches," the fleet said in its report.

The exercise, which includes the air defense crews of other ships, involved the target distribution of air threats for effective destruction of air targets, the fleet press service said.

The Admiral Makarov returned to Sevastopol from the Mediterranean in March. The ship is equipped with long-range cruise missiles Kalibr.