15 Mar 2019 18:26

SCO RATS Council in Tashkent approves initiatives to counter cyberterrorism

TASHKENT. March 15 (Interfax) - The Council of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO RATS) in a meeting in Tashkent on Friday approved proposals on countering the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes. The next session of the Council will be conducted in Russia in September.

"The work of the joint working group of experts of the relevant bodies of the SCO countries and representatives of the SCO RATS executive Committee on proposals on detection, prevention and stopping the use of the Internet for terrorist, separatist and extremist purposes in 2017-2018 was given positive marks," RATS Council Chairman and First Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Sergei Smirnov said after the Council meeting.

Smirnov also said a decision has been made to hold in 2019 a joint antiterrorist exercise of the SCO countries Sary-Arka-Antiterror 2019 and the first stage of the joint border guard operation Solidarnost 2019-2021, and also a meeting of the heads of the border guard services of the SCO countries in 2019.

Besides, a seminar on detecting and stopping the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes will also be conducted.

The next meeting of the SCO RATS Council will be held in Russia in September 2019.