28 Mar 2019 21:56

Kaspersky Lab to comply with Roskomnadzor requirement to connect own VPN service to single register of restricted websites

MOSCOW. March 28 (Interfax) - Kaspersky Lab has said that it will comply with Russian statutory acts and meet requirements imposed by regulators.

This is how Kaspersky Lab commented to Interfax on the Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor's demand that their VPN service be connected to the single register of information outlawed in Russia.

"The functions of Kaspersky Lab protection solutions distributed in Russia are, and will remain, in full conformity with Russian statutory acts. They will meet regulatory requirements that do not affect the main objective of the Safe Connection application, which is ensuring privacy and protecting data from interception, for instance, whenever [a customer] uses open Wi-Fi networks or pays online at cafes, airports or hotels," the company's press service said on Thursday.

Roskomnadzor sent letters to the owners of the 10 most popular anonymizers earlier in the day, demanding that they connect their services to the Federal State Information System. They must within 30 working days connect to the register of information outlawed in Russia in order to facilitate traffic filtration, the regulator's spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky told reporters.