5 Apr 2019 19:37

Libya's leading military-political forces should renounce armed struggle as method to seize power - Russian Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. April 5 (Interfax) - The use of force would be an unacceptable scenario for Libya, Moscow said.

"We confirm that there is no alternative to political settlement for Libya and are calling for the leading Libyan military-political forces to show the necessary sense of responsibility for their country's future, renounce armed methods in the struggle for power, and embark on the path of jointly addressing the first-priority problems of restoring Libyan statehood, including the fight against terrorism," the ministry stated on its website on Friday.

Moscow also urged calm and restraint by all sides in Libya. "It is obvious that a use-of-force scenario could ruin the already extremely complex situation in that country and would cause more death and devastation. Such a scenario would push back the prospect of launching a steady inter-Libyan inclusive political process under the UN aegis with the ultimate goal of establishing unified, effective state institutions via nationwide vote," the ministry said.