7 Apr 2019 17:27

Type of drug seized from foreigner in downtown Moscow determined in lab - Russian Guard

MOSCOW. April 7 - The Russian Guard has confirmed to Interfax that a foreign citizen in possession of drugs was detained in Moscow on Saturday.

The Russian Guard's press service has confirmed to Interfax that one male foreigner was detained on Saturday, without elaborating on his nationality. "The suspect, the 36-year-old citizen of a Western European country, was carrying a bundle containing a narcotic substance. The man came to the attention of a security patrol on Makarenko Street. He swerved at the sight of a patrol car and started to walk faster. While on the move, he tried to quietly drop a light grey bundle that he had taken out of his pocket," a press officer said.

The National Guard patrol detained the suspect and called for police, the press officer said.

"It was determined in the laboratory that the seized substance is narcotic. It is mephedrone. The detainee was handed over to police for further proceedings," the National Guard press officer said.

A source told Interfax earlier that a patrol detained two young foreigners in the Chistye Prudy area on Saturday afternoon. "Catching sight of approaching policemen, the men took two small packets filled with some powder out of their pockets and dropped them. The substance in the packets was seized and sent to the laboratory for analysis," the source said.

The detainees were British citizens, according to the source. "Being native speakers, the men teach English in a Moscow school," the source said.