11 Apr 2019 18:11

Ukrainian defense minister criticizes some NATO members for obstructing cooperation with Kyiv

KYIV. April 11 (Interfax) - Ukraine can guarantee its security only if it invariably follows the course toward joining NATO and reforming its armed forces, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said.

"There are two ways that can ensure our security. The first one is the invariability of the course toward joining NATO, a club that guarantees security to all countries belonging to it," Poltorak said at a security forum in Kyiv on Thursday.

"The second factor is the choice of priorities in building an unconquerable army and defense sector reform," he said.

Speaking about Ukraine's cooperation with the alliance, Poltorak said some of its members are hindering the process. "We would like more constructive interaction. Some NATO countries are obstructing our cooperation with the alliance," he said.

"We have been unable to hold a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the defense ministers' level for two years, in my opinion, because of some unwarranted requirements," he said.