12 Apr 2019 11:20

Calvey to stay under house arrest till mid-summer

MOSCOW. April 12 (Interfax) - The Basmanny District Court in Moscow has extended the period of house arrest of Baring Vostok investment fund founder and senior partner Michael Calvey, who is charged with fraud, until July 14, an Interfax correspondent reported from the courtroom.

"The court will grant the request of investigators. The court will also extend the period of Calvey's house arrest until July 14, 2019," Judge Natalia Dudar said.

Restrictions typical of house arrest will continue to apply to Calvey. He will be prohibited to leave his residence on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street without a written permission of the investigator, to communicate with anyone but members of his family whose range is defined by the law, lawyers, and officers controlling his compliance with house arrest terms, and to send or receive any mail and to use the Internet and other means of communication except for calling an ambulance, emergency services, an investigator, a lawyer, or an officer controlling his compliance with house arrest terms.

Calvey was taken into custody on February 16 on counts of defrauding the Vostochny Bank of over 2.5 billion rubles. Restrictive measures on Calvey and another defendant, former Vostochny Bank CEO Alexei Kordichev, were changed to house arrest until April 13 on Thursday.

There are four defendants in the case as of yet, namely Baring Vostok partner Vagan Abgaryan, Baring Vostok partner in the financial industry sector and French citizen Philippe Delpal, investment director Ivan Zyuzin, and First Collection Bureau General Director Maxim Vladimirov.

Kordichev is the only one who has pleaded guilty and testified against other defendants.