18 Apr 2019 11:13

N. Korea tests new weapons for defense purposes - Duma deputy

MOSCOW. April 18 (Interfax) - Modern history has taught North Korea illustrative lessons, so its new tactical weapons are meant to protect the country from foreign interference, State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee First Deputy Chairman Dmitry Novikov said.

"Clearly, everything they have been doing to bolster their capacities and to strengthen their armed forces meets the task of defense," Novikov said in response to Interfax's question on Thursday.

"North Koreans know modern history too well; we are aware of what happened to the countries that failed to ensure national defense, starting with Yugoslavia and ending with Libya," Novikov said.

"The question is not whether Kim wished to avoid sharing Qaddafi's lot. He does not want his country to share the lot of Libya," Novikov said.

"Obviously, North Korea has no aggressive aspirations. This country is governed by normal, sober-minded people. They would have been unable to stay in power for decades if they weren't," he said.

"It is also clear that North Korea does not have annexation plans regarding its neighbors," Novikov said.

"The recent tests completely fit the logic of this policy, especially as the attempts made after the summit with the U.S. leader have not resulted in the provision of firm security guarantees to North Korea. Under these circumstances, they are defending themselves the best they can, and they are right to do so," he said.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised tests of a new tactical guided weapon on Wednesday. It did not say exactly what weapon was tested but noted that the North Korean leader described the tests as "a highly significant event."