18 Apr 2019 18:18

Russia's Northern Fleet expected to become independent military-administrative unit in presidential decree

MOSCOW. April 18 (Interfax) - Draft amendments to the Russian presidential decree on the military-administrative division of Russia, which give the Northern Fleet the status of an independent entity not included in military districts, has been posted on the draft legislation portal.

If approved, the amendments will amend the presidential decree of 2010 On the Military-Administrative Division of the Russian Federation, giving the Northern Fleet the legal status of an independent military-administrative entity not included in the military districts of the Russian Armed Forces.

The decree states the territory where Northern Fleet units are stationed as the administrative borders of the Komi Republic, the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions, and the Nenets Autonomous District.

The amendments, which were drafted by the Defense Ministry, will undergo an independent anti-corruption evaluation until April 23, after which a final text will be prepared, which will be submitted to the president to be considered and signed.

The Northern Fleet was removed from the Western Military District on December 1, 2014. The United Strategic Command in the Arctic was created on its basis, which was also reinforced by the forces of the Western, Central and Eastern Military Districts stationed in Zapolyarye. Now it is an inter-branch strategic unit of the Russian Armed Forces protecting Russia's interests in the Arctic and in other areas of the World Ocean. The Northern Fleet's weapons include nuclear-powered submarines and the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Velikiy.