19 Apr 2019 19:00

Poroshenko spent on his campaign almost twice as much as Zelensky between April 7 and 13 - reports

KYIV. April 19 (Interfax) - Ukraine's National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NAPK) has approved an analysis of interim financial statements concerning the receipt and use of funds by the presidential candidates.

"The national agency made the relevant decision during its extraordinary session on April 18," the NAPK press service stated on Friday.

The reporting period is from April 7 to 13, 2019.

Over this period, Petro Poroshenko's campaign formed a fund of 99.9 million hryvni ($1/26.8 hryvni) from its own sources, according to the analysis of the report.

"Almost 97 million hryvni was spent on financing campaign events and campaign-related material. The campaign money was used for purposes set out by the law," the statement said.

Volodymyr Zelensky's campaign was funded entirely by his political party (44.6 million hryvni).

"[A total of] 50.43 million hryvni was used to finance campaign events and campaign-related material (the money was received from an interest-bearing account to a current one, the balance of the current account at the start of the reporting period, and the sum returned by a contractor under an agreement concluded in the previous reporting period). The campaign funds were used for purposes envisaged by the law," the NAPK press service said.

The financial reports were checked according their compliance with the rules for filling them out and were verified against banks' information on restrictions to donations; in particular, whether the person making a donation had any tax arrears.

The results of analysis of the interim financial statements revealed no inconsistences with information obtained from the banks.