22 Apr 2019 16:41

Tymoshenko demands change of Ukrainian govt before parliamentary election

KYIV. April 22 (Interfax) - The government in Ukraine must be changed before the parliamentary election scheduled for the fall of 2019, Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the Ukrainian party Batkivshchyna, said on Monday.

"Do we need to tolerate the existing government for another half a year? I think 75% of our people voted for change, not for putting up with this government for another half a year," Tymoshenko said at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada's conciliatory council on Monday.

"Therefore, if this parliament has at least a drop of conscience, it should make forming a new government possible," Tymoshenko said.

The formation of a new government would mean that urgent changes "need to start right now," she said.

The parliament should help the new president concerning a new program for change in Ukraine, Tymoshenko said.