1 May 2019 15:35

Deputy Reznik detained at May Day march released without administrative protocol

ST. PETERSBURG. May 1 (Interfax) - St. Petersburg parliament member Maxim Reznik, detained by the police at the May Day march in the city, has been released after a preventive conversation, the press service of the regional branch of the Interior Ministry told Interfax on Wednesday.

"Reznik committed violations of the procedure of holding a public event. A preventive conversation was conducted with him and he was released without being subjected to administrative prosecution afterwards," the press service said.

The section of the May Day procession, where Reznik had marched, failed to conclude its march where it was planned, in the Lenin Square.

After the procession stopped on Nevsky Avenue in protest against detentions of activists, the police began detaining people anew. Reznik was one of those detainees.

As reported, participants in the May Day procession in St. Petersburg marched along Nevsky Avenue and ended it in city squares. The front section of the procession with representatives of the authorities stopped marching in Palace Square and the middle section, involving communists and representatives of other political forces, in St. Isaac's Square.

Earlier on Wednesday, representatives of opposition parties and movements, in particular Open Russia and The Other Russia unregistered party, said that several activists have been detained. Denis Mikhailov, the head of opposition activist Alexei Navalny's St. Petersburg headquarters, also said he has been detained.