7 May 2019 10:58

Tatneft upped production 3% in Jan-April

KAZAN. May 7 (Interfax) - The Tatneft group produced 9.753 million tonnes of oil in January-April, a year-on-year increase of 3%, according to a statement released by the parent company, PJSC Tatneft.

In April, 2.419 million tonnes of oil was produced.

PJSC Tatneft produced 9.644 million tonnes of oil (up 3.1%) in 4M and 2.392 million in April.

In comparison with the production levels of October 2018, which were taken as the point of reference for decreasing production under the OPEC+ deal, production fell 5.2% both for the group and for the parent company in April. In October, the group produced 2.554 million tonnes, the PJSC 2.524 million.

In 4M, 109,000 tonnes was produced outside Tatarstan (down 3%), and 27,200 tonnes in April.

Production of superviscous oil increased by a quarter in 4M, to 770,200 tonnes (in April, 213,000 tonnes).

In 4M, 148 new wells were built and commissioned (down 18.7%), including 94 commercial wells and 54 for the production of superviscous oil.

In 4M, the Taneco oil complex processed 2.855 million tonnes of oil, (715,500 tonnes in April), producing 2.897 million tonnes of oil products (743,600), including 345,300 tonnes of gasoline (87,020).