9 May 2019 21:41

Prominent journalist Sergei Dorenko dies - Venediktov

MOSCOW. May 9 (Interfax) - A well-known journalist and Editor-in-Chief of the Govorit Moskva radio station, Sergei Dorenko, has died, Editor-in-Chief of the Ekho Moskvy radio station Alexei Venediktov said.

"Sergei Dorenko has died," Venediktov told Interfax on Thursday.

While driving his motorbike on Thursday, Dorenko, 59, lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital, Venediktov told Interfax.

Venediktov later wrote on his Telegram channel that, according to the road traffic police, ambulance doctors have diagnosed the clinical death of Dorenko, after they have arrived at the scene of the road accident, and said that the journalist has died after he has lost control of his motorbike on the Garden Ring Road.

"According to police patrol car 768 and traffic police officers the road accident has happened under the following circumstances: a motorcyclist driving a Triumph BONNEVILLE GRZ 8891VM77 motorbike on the internal side of the third lane of the Garden Ring Road at 6:20 p.m. lost control of his motorbike, got on the oncoming lane and stuck into a concrete barrier in the area of 71, Zemlyanoi Val Street," he wrote.

"An ambulance brigade has diagnosed the clinical death of the motorcyclist. The deceased motorcyclist is Sergei Leonidovich Dorenko, who was born on October 18, 1959," the statement said.

"I offer my condolences to Serezha Dorenko's family, children, and friends," he wrote.