13 May 2019 20:38

Russia sees major integration capacity in China's One Belt One Road project - Putin

SOCHI. May 13 (Interfax) - The relations between Russia and China are developing successfully, while Moscow views China's One Belt - One Road initiative as fruitful and substantive, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"At the beginning of talks I would like to convey the best wishes to my friend [Chinese President Xi Jinping] for warmness, with which we have been received in Beijing during a major international conference, which was dedicated to implementing your One Belt - One Road ideas," Putin said at a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Russia deems this idea as "very productive, interesting, substantial, and as the one being completely in line with the development of relations between an integration union, which is being created by Russia, and its partners in the post-Soviet space as part of the EAEU.

"Those talks, which are underway between China and the EAEU states, are definitely one of the aspects of implementing those ideas, which we have discussed in Beijing," the head of state said.

Putin said he hopes that Russia and China will make a substantial and tangible contribution to fulfilling these plans as part of bilateral ties.

"As regards bilateral relations, they are successfully developing in the direct sense of this word. I know that the main goal of your today's visit is coordinating the main parameters of this year's main event in bilateral relations, I refer to a state visit, which we expect the Chinese president to pay to Russia," Putin said.