15 May 2019 15:45

Up to 10,000 troops to take part in Azerbaijan exercise on May 20-24

BAKU. May 15 (Interfax) - A large-scale military exercise involving various armed forces branches, units, and formations will be held in Azerbaijan on May 20-24, the country's Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

The maneuvers will involve up to 10,000 troops, 150 battle tanks and other armored vehicles, up to 200 rocket and artillery launchers of varying caliber, multiple rocket launchers and mortars, and up to 35 aircraft and helicopters.

The participants will practice nighttime counter-attack, launching counter-strikes and assuming the offensive, the statement said.

The exercise will also include live fire drills, "which will be held at various training grounds at night, in complex terrain and radio-electronic environment, [with troops] performing the tasks of organizing coherence among armored, air force, and artillery military units and other combat elements," it said.

Drills will also focus on "deployment of airborne and special maneuverable forces deep behind enemy lines, honing command skills, and aspects of moral and psychological support for personnel", the statement said.

The exercise will be led by Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov following a plan approved by President Ilham Aliyev.