16 May 2019 11:27

Absence of coalition might hinder Rada's dissolution - source

KYIV. May 16 (Interfax) - A lack of the ruling coalition in the Verkhovna Rada might be declared shortly, a source close to the parliament administration told Interfax.

"One of the discussed options is the declaration of a lack of coalition tomorrow, which will begin a 30-day count to forming a new coalition," the source said.

It could be used as a "pretext" to prevent the parliament's dissolution by the president due to the lack of coalition, he said.

According to the law, factions, which declare a lack of coalition, have 30 days to create a new one. The president can dissolve the parliament and schedule an early parliamentary election in case no coalition is formed.

The European Ukraine coalition was established on November 27, 2014, to comprise factions of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, People's Front, Samopomich, Oleh Lyashko's Radical Party, and Batkivshchyna. There were 302 deputies in the coalition at first.

The factions of Samopomich, the Radical Party, and Batkivshchyna left the coalition at some point.

The Rada scheduled the inauguration of Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky for May 20 at its plenary meeting on Thursday.

The law enables the inaugurated president to dissolve the parliament before May 27, i.e. six months before the next parliamentary election.