16 May 2019 16:00

Gazprom not commenting on Ukrainian transit, gives assurances on responsible attitude towards customers

BERLIN. May 16 (Interfax) - Deputy Gazprom chairperson and head of Gazprom Export Elena Burmistrova provided no details as to the prospects of extending the transit contract with Ukraine, which is due to expire this year, while speaking at a conference dedicated to the gas aspect of Russia-EU energy cooperation, but issued assurances about the company's responsible attitude toward customers and readiness to discuss various options of providing for reliability of shipments.

"Matters of transit via Ukraine are highly topical. Here and know I would like to refrain from any fateful statements in this regard. Engineers, economists and lawyers from all sides are now working on this issue," she said.

"I would just like to state the considerations from which we at Gazprom are proceeding. Our chief guideline is responsibility. Here in Europe we have a responsibility to our customers, so we do everything to in one way or another provide for the reliability of shipments of our gas to delivery points in Europe. So, in part, we are investing in the construction on modern new non-transit pipelines," Burmistrova said.

"We also have a responsibility to our shareholders, the Russian state, foreign companies and private citizens and companies. As such, we are prepared to consider those versions of contract relationships which are commercially viable for us and for any of our partners," she said.

Currently, the share of spot shipments in Gazprom contracts is 28%, Burmistrova also said.