20 May 2019 13:40

Slutsky calls for blacklisting persons involved in Butina's trial in U.S

MOSCOW. May 20 (Interfax) - State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Leonid Slutsky has called for blacklisting persons involved in the trial of Russian citizen Maria Butina in the United States.

"I am prepared to call for including those responsible for and involved in the persecution and trial of Butina in our 'Terek List'," Slutsky wrote in a statement on Telegram.

Last week, the U.S. Department of the Treasury expanded the Magnitsky List by including the Chechen special-ops. unit Terek, its commander, and another four citizens of Russia. Slutsky said he recalled Russia's response to the Magnitsky Act given back in 2012 in connection with the Russophobic and illegal move.

"The law enables members of both houses of the Federal Assembly to propose that the Russian Foreign Ministry blacklist U.S. citizens guilty of violating basic rights of Russian citizens, and, I quote; 'involved in the abduction and unlawful incarceration of Russian citizens, the proclamation of baseless and unfair sentences, and prosecution of Russian citizens," Slutsky said.

Slutsky additionally said that Butina needed help to pay for lawyers' services and to appeal her absolutely unfair sentence.