20 May 2019 20:37

Abkhaz president opposes transition to parliamentary form of govt

SUKHUM. May 20 (Interfax) - It is premature for Abkhazia to transition to the parliamentary form of government, because at present it is necessary to make decisions fast, Abkhaz President Raul Khadjimba said.

"The need for a constitutional reform has been actively voiced in the past few days. There is a growing sentiment that the transition to the parliamentary form of government is necessary. We live in a time when the need for fast decision-making is crucial for our state. Therefore it is premature to speak about the transition to the parliamentary form," he said at a meeting with representatives of Abkhaz social organizations on Monday.

"We need to do our utmost to ensure that the country, despite all the difficulties and complications, continues to move forward, even if not as fast as we would wish. Attempts to create a tense situation will do no good and will not facilitate the progress," Khadjimba said.

"I would like to tell those who think certain things could be resolved this way that you must risk neither our people, nor our state. Our reserve of opportunities is very small and we must make all possible effort to remain a civilized community," he said.

"As for Aslan Bzhania, I, like any other reasonable person, wish that this person's health would be normal, that he would get better, and that his name would not be used for speculations," the Abkhaz president said.

Earlier on Monday, Khadjimba denied the statements saying that Aslan Bzhania, a presidential candidate from the opposition, was poisoned by supporters of the current administration to prevent the opposition leader from running in the election.

Opposition supporters are holding a rally in front of the building of the Abkhaz parliament on Monday in support to their demand that the presidential election, scheduled for July 21, be postponed. On Sunday, the opposition leaders urged their supporters to gather near the parliament and express support to the initiative of the Nationwide Movement to Protect the Statehood of Abkhazia to postpone the presidential election for this fall due to the poisoning of its leader Aslan Bzhania.