24 May 2019 14:22

Runet needs protection from external threats - Kremlin

MOSCOW. May 24 (Interfax) - The risk of unfriendly external actions toward the Internet's Russian segment (Runet) is not hypothetical, so the creation of relevant facilities in Russia is aimed at protecting national interests, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the press on Friday.

"The point of this law is to ensure the security of our network in the case of unfriendly external actions. The risk of such actions is not hypothetical," Peskov said.

"You're aware of what's happening as a result of trade wars. I'd rather not identify the parties, but these trade wars don't just put the parties involved in harm's way, but also make global waves," he said.

Hence "reservation of domestic, sovereign facilities is a mandatory step in protecting national interests," Peskov said.

As to whether the Kremlin fears that the Sovereign Internet Law will allow the disconnection Runet from the worldwide web for no reason, Peskov said this is a matter of law enforcement and directed the question to experts.