26 May 2019 15:24

Black Sea Fleet conducts exercise to repel saboteurs' attack on naval aviation aerodrome

MOSCOW. May 26 (Interfax) - The Russian Black Sea Fleet has conducted an antiterrorist exercise to repel an attack by a group of saboteurs and reconnaissance officials on the facilities of a naval aviation aerodrome.

"According to the exercise script, the 'saboteurs' flew a drone over the aerodrome to distract attention. Simultaneously, another group of 'terrorists' entered the territory of the naval aviation aerodrome and took over the building where pilots' training classes were located," the Black Sea Fleet said in a report obtained by Interfax on Sunday.

The drone was destroyed using a Pantsir system. The personnel of the on-duty unit of the aerodrome fought the saboteurs and reconnaissance officials until the fleet antiterrorist units arrived, which stormed the building and neutralized "the enemy."

The exercise involved over 200 troops and some ten units of combat equipment, the Black Sea Fleet headquarters said.