27 May 2019 14:56

Zelensky's party seeking one-party majority in future Rada - election campaign head

KYIV. May 27 (Interfax) - The Servant of the People party has set itself the task of obtaining a one-party majority in the future Verkhovna Rada on the basis of an early parliamentary election.

"We would not like to turn to other parties to form a coalition. Our ultimate goal is to form a coalition from one political force," the party's election campaign head Oleksandr Korniyenko, told a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency in Kyiv on Monday.

According to earlier reports, Dmytro Razumkov, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on political issues, has headed up the Servant of the People party.

Razumkov told a press conference in the Interfax press center in Kyiv on Monday he

"will support all initiatives that Zelensky had during the election campaign."

Razumkov said the party's program is now being developed and is to be approved by congress, the first stage of which is scheduled for June 8. The first five people on the party list will also be presented there.

Servant of the People is a Ukrainian political party which was earlier called the Party of Decisive Change. It was officially registered on December 2, 2017. The organization has the same name as a 2015-2019 comedy series and the 2016 film Servant of the People. Volodymyr Zelensky, who won the recent presidential election in Ukraine, was nominated by the Servant of the People party.

Ruslan Stefanchuk, an advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his representative to the Verkhovna Rada, said on May 22 that the main ideology of the Servant of the People party, which will be running for parliament for the first time in 2019, is libertarianism.