3 Jun 2019 13:37

Russian oil export duty rises $5.8 to $110.4 per tonne - MinFin

MOSCOW. June 3 (Interfax) - Russia's export duty on oil increased by $5.8 to $110.4 per tonne effective June 1, 2019, the Russian Economic Development Ministry said.

Export duty on crude was $104.6 per tonne in May and $97.4 per tonne in April.

The duty on high viscosity oil rose from $10.4 per tonne in May to $11 on June 1.

The discounted export duty for oil from Eastern Siberia, Caspian fields and the Prirazlomnoye field will remain at zero due to the new calculation formula adopted as part of the tax maneuver in the oil industry.

The duty on light oil products and lubricants was raised to $33.1 per tonne from $31.3, while the duty for dark products rose from $104.6 to $110.4.

The export duty on commercial gasoline rose to $33.1 from $31.3 per tonne and that on straight-run gasoline (naphtha) to $60.7 from $57.5 per tonne.

The duty on liquefied gas remained at zero.

The duty on coke rose to $7.1 from $6.7 per tonne.