5 Jun 2019 09:30

S. Korea fears Cold War in Northeast Asia, pursues new regional policy - MP

VLADIVOSTOK. June 5 (Interfax) - South Korean National Assembly member Song Young-gil has indicated the appearance of Cold War signs in Northeast Asia and said that Seoul has started to pursue a new policy aimed to ease political tensions in the region.

"I am concerned about the appearing signs of recurrence of the 20th century Cold War in Northeast Asia," Song said at the 9th Far Eastern Russian-Korean Forum in Vladivostok.

Blocs are consolidating in the region: "Russia and China are developing strategic cooperation, and the United States and Japan are strengthening their alliance," he said.

"The ongoing events in Northeast Asia might start another big game and a new Cold War in the region. I am working to ease political tensions in Northeast Asia. This is why our national administration is holding a new policy for the north, which goes in the same vein as the new eastern policy of the Putin administration," Song said, referring to interaction efforts taken at the annual Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.