5 Jun 2019 12:15

Raspadskaya Mine resumes operations after cave-in

KEMEROVO. June 5 (Interfax) - Raspadskaya Mine in Kemerovo Region, a division of steel and mining group Evraz, has resumed mining coal and tunnelling following a roof cave-in on Tuesday that killed one person, Raspadskaya Coal Company told Interfax.

"Raspadskaya Mine resumed normal work on two faces [on Tuesday]," the company said.

The roof cave-in in a mine tunnel at Raspadskaya occurred Tuesday afternoon, killing a 35-year employee. Work at the mine was suspended and the reasons for the cave-in are being investigated by a commission. A prosecutor's investigation into compliance with occupational and industrial safety laws has been arranged. In addition, the State Investigative Committee office for Kemerovo Region is conducting a pre-investigation probe into the death of the miner.

Raspadskaya Mine, Russia's largest underground coal mine, is part of PJSC Raspadskaya, a division of Evraz's Raspadskaya Coal Company. PJSC Raspadskaya also includes Raspadsky open-pit mine, the Raspadskaya-Koksovaya underground mine, MUK-96, a coal washing plant and infrastructure units.