5 Jun 2019 23:00

Russia, China to counter attempts to restrict access to ICT market - joint statement

MOSCOW. June 5 (Interfax) - Russia and China will counter attempts to unlawfully restrict access to third countries' information and communication technology (ICT) markets, as the two nations stand for establishing an orderly management of global cyber space.

"The sides are determined to counter attempts to illegitimately restrict access to the market of ICT products under the pretext of national security or to unlawfully restrict exports of high-tech products," Russia and China said in a joint statement on the development of their comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction relations that are entering a new era.

The sides also expressed determination "to ensure a peaceful and safe operation of the internet on the basis of equal; participation by all nations in the process, and to facilitate the establishment of an orderly management of global cyber space," the two powers said.

Moscow and Beijing are also determined to "enhance contacts on international cyber security and step up measures to protect the security and stability of the operation of critical IT infrastructure" of both sides.

Russia and China will consolidate mutual exchanges in the area of legislative regulation of activities in cyber space and jointly promote the principle of managing the internet in conformity with international law and national statutory acts and legal requirements.