6 Jun 2019 19:30

Moldovan rightists agree to back Socialist candidate for speaker in exchange for PM post

CHISINAU. June 6 (Interfax) - All members of the pro-European rightwing bloc ACUM in Moldova would agree to support a candidate for parliamentary speaker from the Party of Socialists (PSRM), but they would do so under certain conditions.

"The Platforma DA party, which is an integral part of the ACUM bloc, stands ready to support a Socialist candidate for speaker on the condition that the Socialists will vote for a package of anti-oligarchic bills and will express confidence in a government led by ACUM Co-Chairperson Maia Sandu," Platforma DA leader Andrei Nastase said.

Platforma DA has taken note of the Party of Action and Solidarity's decision to assume the responsibility for setting up a government and vote for electing a PSRM representative parliamentary speaker, he said.

"We also agree to make this step to rid the country of oligarchs and restore democracy," Nastase said.

"The ACUM bloc will strictly adhere to its obligations to the voters not to set up coalitions with anti-national and oligarchic parties," Nastase said. He pointed out that he had earlier refused to be nominated for speaker.

Nastase also insisted that only the parliamentarians from the ACUM bloc have so far agreed to make concessions in negotiations with the PSRM.

Before voting on a candidate for speaker, "all PSRM parliamentarians should undertake a public and written obligation that they would accept ACUM's conditions on passing a package of anti-oligarchic bills," and "Platforma DA will not give up these requirements under any circumstances."

The Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), the other party making up the ACUM bloc, aired an identical position on Wednesday. Hence, the rightists have met the main requirement set by the PSRM to form a parliamentary majority, i.e. support PSRM leader Zinaida Greceanii's candidacy for parliamentary speaker.

The PSRM plans to make a final decision on whether to form a parliamentary majority with ACUM or the Democratic Party (PDM) at a meeting of its Republican Council on Friday, in which President Igor Dodon is going to take part as well.

The PSRM also said it intended to discuss the formation of a coalition with the PDM.