10 Jun 2019 14:38

Europarl elections expose lack of unanimity in vision of Europe's future - Kremlin aide

MOSCOW. June 10 (Interfax) - The outcomes of the recent elections to the European Parliament exposed problems existing within the European Union and the lack of a unified vision of Europe's future, Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said.

"It's symptomatic that disagreements within states and their associations which used to be considered models of stability and prosperity are deepening. The games surrounding Brexit and the outcomes of the recent elections to the European Parliament have shown that the state of affairs in the European Union is not problem-free, and there is a lack of coordination in the strategic vision of Europe's future," Ushakov said at the Primakov Readings international forum in Moscow on Monday.

Confrontation is also growing within particular societies in various parts of the world, Ushakov said. "The driving factors include nationalism, regional ethnic separatism, religious and racial intolerance, growing inequality, and the elites' stubborn unwillingness to take into account the political and social interests of the general public," he said.

"It is becoming increasingly more obvious that the ill-conceived policies of leading Western countries and arrogance of those who think they can determine the fates of people, nations, and states, ignoring their specifics and their individual interests, are producing deplorable effects," Ushakov said.