13 Jun 2019 10:52

Bal, Bastion crews destroy 'enemy' warships in Baltic Sea

MOSCOW. June 13 (Interfax) - Crews of Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems of the Baltic Naval Base have destroyed a group of "enemy" ships in the Baltic Sea, the Baltic Fleet's press service said in a statement.

"Servicemen of the missile formation practiced deployment and march to firing positions, where Bal and Bastion missile systems were rapidly prepared to fight surface ships of the simulated enemy and to protect the coastline in the Kaliningrad region," the statement said.

Meanwhile, Baltic Fleet ships were tasked with disrupting marine communication lines and firing missiles at "enemy" ships, it said.

"Targets were assigned, and crews carried out a computer simulation of Bal and Bastion missile launches at 'enemy' ships," the statement said.

The Baltic Fleet is training against the backdrop of NATO's BALTOPS 2019 exercise, which started in the Baltic Sea on June 9. The exercise involves 18 NATO member countries, 44 military ships, 40 aircraft, and about 12,000 troops, the statement said.