13 Jun 2019 16:44

Russia views arms deployment in outer space as strategic stability element, awaiting U.S. explanations - Ryabkov

MOSCOW. June 13 (Interfax) - Russia is awaiting U.S. explanations concerning arms deployment in outer space, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the press on Thursday.

"Yes, amongst other issues. This is a piece of the general picture of the current strategic stability situation," Ryabkov said when asked whether Russia was expecting the United States to clarify this matter.

The prospect of arms deployment in outer space is a key element of strategic stability, Ryabkov said.

'Twenty or 30 years ago, outer space was militarized from the angle of intelligence, communication, and surveillance of events unfolding on the Earth, but there was no real chance of deploying attack weapons there," he said.

Now the world is standing "on the brink" of a weaponized outer space, Ryabkov said.

"Whenever we see that U.S. doctrinal documents, including missile defense policy reviews, officially declare plans to deploy the space segment of missile defense, which, for instance, will give an opportunity for striking ground-based nuclear deterrence forces from outer space, we come to the conclusion that strategic stability is not just being shaken but endangered," he said.