15 Jun 2019 12:29

Plane lands in Krasnodar after hitting runway with its tail

KRASNODAR. June 15 (Interfax) - A passenger airliner from Moscow hit a runway with its tail, failing to land in Krasnodar airport on the first try, its passengers and crew were not hurt, the Russian Investigative Committee said.

"On June 15, approximately at 2 a.m., the Boeing 737 passenger airliner en route from Moscow to Krasnodar hit the runway with its tail while landing, the passengers and the crew were not hurt," it said.

A total of 175 people were on board the plane.

The incident scene has been examined.

The damage is being estimated.

The press service for the Russian Investigative Committee's South transport investigation branch told Interfax that its employees are looking into the plane's rough landing. There were 175 people on board and none of them sought medical assistance, it said.

A source told Interfax earlier that the pilot in command of the A-319 aircraft had reported that it was impossible to land and the plane would perform a go-around flight maneuver. But the plane hit the runway with its tail while attempting the maneuver. Despite the incident, the crew successfully landed the plane and no one was injured.