17 Jun 2019 12:06

Russian oil shipments via ports to fall in Q3 as Druzhba gets back to normal - Transneft

NOVOROSSIYSK. June 17 (Interfax) - Oil shipments via Russian ports will fall somewhat in Q3 as the Druzhba pipeline gets back to normal.

"The export schedule for the third quarter has been signed. We expect that in keeping with the approved road map, Druzhba will start operating at full capacity on destinations to Europe on July 1 and this will, of course result in some decline in shipments via ports," Sergei Andronov, vice president of pipeline operator Transneft , told reporters.

"We are seeing applications both from consignors and from the recipients, the European refineries," he said.

As reported, on April 18, oil with elevated levels of organic chloride compounds was discovered at the Mozyr Refinery in Belarus. The source of the contamination was an oil delivery point in Russia's Samara Region. The incident did not result in harm or injury to anyone and did not damage to the environment, Transneft said.

Oil shipments via the Druzhba pipeline resumed along all delivery routes beginning on June 9.

The contamination of the Druzhba oil pipeline has not sidelined Russian crude from its traditional markets as pipeline deliveries from Russia have been compensated by tanker deliveries, Transneft has said.

Transneft has said that in 5M 2019 the pipeline system accepted 2.2 million tonnes more oil than in the same period last year. Exports to non-CIS countries via Transneft's pipelines rose by 3.1 million tonnes.