17 Jun 2019 17:00

Transborder wildfires threaten ecosystem of Russia, China - Russian Prosecutor General's Office

KHABAROVSK. June 17 (Interfax) - The wildfires occurring on both banks of the Amur are a real threat to the ecosystem of the river on both the Russian and Chinese sides, Yevgeny Nadyrshin, the head of the department for supervision of the observance of the legislation in the sphere of environmental protection and Arctic nature protection, said.

"Wildfires make a considerable contribution to the contamination volume. And it happens on both sides of the Amur. As a result, the ecosystem receives organic matter, suspended material, petroleum products, and agents of infectious and other diseases," Nadyrshin said at a meeting on environmental protection issues attended by Russian and Chinese prosecutors, which is held in Khabarovsk, on Monday.

The parties need to establish constructive cooperation on issues relating to transborder fires on the territories of both states, he said.

"Every time there is a fire or when infrastructure facilities catch fire there is a culprit. We can use prosecution to promptly react to such facts when they are detected on the territories of our countries," Nadyrshin said.