17 Jun 2019 18:36

New Moldovan authorities to strengthen independence of govt institutions - PM

CHISINAU. June 17 (Interfax) - The new Moldovan authorities will give priority to de-politicizing government institutions and fighting corruption, Prime Minister Maia Sandu said while introducing new Interior Minister Andrei Nastase to the ministry's personnel on Monday.

"We know many of you from the protests that Mr. Nastase and I have held over the past several years. You maintained public order, but you were forced sometimes to carry out the Democratic Party's political orders. We know all of this, but this will remain in the past," Sandu said.

"From now on, you won't serve this politician or another, you won't serve criminals or interest groups, and you won't fulfill any party's orders. You will serve the people, in line with your oath," she said.

The new Cabinet will focus on restoring the people's confidence in the state, she said.

"Our main job is to serve the citizens in line with the law. We will care to make sure that you [the Interior Ministry personnel] no longer find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between serving a citizen or a dubious individual. We will do all we can to strengthen independence of all state institutions," Sandu said.

Nastase said his team will focus its efforts on transforming the Interior Ministry into an institution serving with honor to maintain public order, peace, and stability.

"The politicization of the ministry ends now, and my police colleagues and I will be guarantors of the observance of this unconditional requirement. The manner in which the ministry has been used over years in the interests of one particular person or a narrow interest group deserves condemnation, is unconstitutional and goes against the people's and the country's interests," he said.

Nastase also said U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan and Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova Peter Michalko would be received at the Moldovan Interior Ministry on Monday to discuss cooperation in providing security and order in the country.